04. Box | v.20221215 Box • Color issues
  • Digital printed samples
The pre-production samples will be printed by a digital printing machine, while the mass products will be printed by a real printing machine. Therefore, the color of the pre-production samples will differ slightly from the mass products. The color similarity is approximately 85% - 90%. • The Varnishing Issue
  • The sample surface cannot be protected by varnishing as it is pressed by the digital printer. As such, the surface will get scratched, faded and stained easily. This is inevitable in the digital printing, though it will be avoided in mass production. • Example of varnish issue • The lamination Issue
  • The following will occur during the pre-production process if only a small number of samples are produced, as the pressure and temperature can’t be adjusted to a stable state in such a short period of time:
  • Unft and bubbling (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will not occur in mass production.)
  • Whiting and blurring (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will notoccur in mass production.) • Spot UV Issue
  • In the stage of pre-production samples, as the quantities are small, there will be an over print position change problem. The tolerance will be +/-1mm. For mass production this is reduced to +/-0.5mm.
  • Issues such as bubbling, bad adhesion and peeling off may occur in pre-production samples, as the quantities are small and the spot UV fnishing is done manually. For mass production, these will be batch produced by machine, and such problems will be greatly reduced.
  • Large areas of spot UV are done manually for pre-production samples, so the issue of “blade marks” may occur.This issue will be greatly reduced in mass production as these are batch produced by machine. • Hot Stamping Issue
  • The hot stamping area will be misaligned. We can only control the tolerance within +/- 1mm during the pre-production sample stage due to the small sample quantity. During the mass production stage, this tolerance will be within +/- 0.3mm.
  • The foil flm may not adhere to the surface correctly, making it easy to peel off. This problem will be very common in pre-production samples as they are hand-made in small quantities. This will be improved signifcantly when the machine is used for mass production.
  • Pre-production samples are hand-made due to the small quantities. This means the laborers touch the foil flm area frequently and can possibly lead to scratching. This will be improved signifcantly when the machine is used for mass production. • Paper Mounted Issue
  • The pre-production sample is hand-made. This can mean it may be misaligned, the fnishes on the corners are poor or the mounted paper is not adhered correctly and bubbling. These problems are unavoidable during the pre-production sample stage, but will be improved signifcantly in future mass production. • Example of paper  mounted issue
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