06. Leaflet / Booklet / Manual | v.20221215 Leaflet / Booklet / Manual • Color Difference Issue
  • There will be a color discrepancy as the sample is manufactured using digital printing, while mass production will be completed using a real printing machine.. The digital printed sample will be around 85%~90% similar to the mass production version. • The Varnishing Issue
  • The sample surface cannot be protected by varnishing as it is pressed by the digital printer. As such, the surface will get scratched, faded and easily stained. This is inevitable in the digital printing, however, it will be avoided in mass production. • Binding and Folding Issue
  • If the unfolded size of the booklet is larger than the maximum printing size, transparent tape splicing will be used on the pre-production sample for your review. The mass production product will be use a real printing machine, and the binding will fully conform to the requirements.
  • In the case of a folded booklet, these will be manually folded due to the small quantity of pre-production samples required. Because of this, minor defects such as irregular fold lines or asymmetric folding will occur. The mass production product is made on a highly automated production line, so these issues will be substantially avoided. • Example of varnish issue • The Lamination Issue
  • The following will occur during the pre-production process if only a small number of samples are created, as the pressure and temperature can’t be adjusted to a stable state in such a short period of time.
  • Unft and bubbling (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will not occur in mass production.)
  • Whiting and blurring (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will not occur in mass production.)
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