08. Cards | v.20221215 • The Material Issue
  • Black core paper is unfit for digital printing. If this is selected, the white core paper stock will be used instead.
  • If 350g paper is required, 300g art paper will be used instead as this exceeds the maximum thickness of digital printer. • Color Difference Issue
  • There will be a color discrepancy as the sample is manufactured using digital printing, while mass production will be completed using a real printing machine. The digital printed sample will be around 85%~90% similar to the mass production version. • The Varnishing Issue
  • The sample surface cannot be protected by varnishing as it is pressed by the digital printer. As such, the surface will get scratched, faded and easily stained. This is inevitable in the digital printing, however, it will be avoided in mass production.
  • Due to non-varnishing of the sample, the surface will not be smooth. This will not occur in mass production as a special Poker varnish will be applied to the cards. • Example of varnish issue • The Die-cut Issue
  • The pattern may not be centered after a die-cut on the playing cards. This is due to the manual process in pre-production. This is even more obvious when the frame width on four sides is less than 3mm. It is strongly recommended that the frame width should not be less than 3mm. Particular die-cut tooling will be used in mass production which will reduce such defects.
  • The round edges of the cards will be slightly varied because of the manual process in pre-production. However, particular die-cut tooling will be applied in mass production which will avoid this issue substantially. • Golden Edges ‰ Not Applicable
  • For Cards with golden edges, there will be an error of 0.2mm-0.3 mm in terms of card size.
This is due to the fact the card edges need to be polished before the gold fnishing.
  • Golden edges are not workable for black core cards. The edges cannot be polished due to the black core layer.
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