09. Game Board | v.20221215 Game Board • The Material Issue
  • CCNB is unfit for digital printing. If this is selected, art paper will be applied instead.
  • 300gsm art paper will be applied instead of 350gsm as this exceeds the maximum thickness for the digital printer. • Color Difference Issue
  • There will be a color discrepancy as the sample is manufactured using digital printing, while mass production will be completed using a real printing machine. The digital printed sample will be around 85%~90% similar to the mass production version. • The Varnishing Issue
  • The sample surface cannot be protected by varnishing as it is pressed by the digital printer. As such, the surface will get scratched, faded and easily stained. This is inevitable in the digital printing, however, it will be avoided in mass production. • Example of varnish issue • The Lamination Issue
  • The following will occur during the pre-production process if only a small number of samples are created, as the pressure and the temperature can’t be adjusted to a stable state in such a short period of time.
  • Unft and bubbling (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will not occur in mass production.)
  • Whiting and blurring (this cannot be avoided in the sample printing, however it will not occur in mass production). • Folding Defect

The causes of this issue are:


1 • The folding defect is mainly due to the high humidity within the paper in a comparatively short production period during pre-production. Bubbling and unft may occur when paper is mounted.

During mass production, an additional process of dehumidification will be used (at least a 24 hour dehumidification period). This method will reduce such defects.

2 • As the quantity of pre-production samples is small, and the calibration of the die cutting machine is not specific enough, the depth of the die cutting can be inconsistent, which leads to such folding defects. The die-cutting machine will be fully calibrated for mass production, which will improve the accuracy of the die-cutting depth, so as to avoid this problem. • Example of folding defect • The Layering Issue
  • Issues such as layering or rough edges may occur around the die-cut lines of the game board.

This is caused by the high humidity of grey board during a comparatively short pre-production period. An additional process of dehumidifcation will be used during mass production (at least a 24 hour dehumidifcation period). This will reduce such defects by controlling the humidity of the paper. • Example of layering  issue

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