11. Box | v.20221215 Box • The Material Issue

The material is the same as the mass products. • The Color Issue

The offset printed sample can represent the printing quality of the mass products. However, there may always be a slight color difference among batches (Spot color ∆E<2, CMYK colors ∆E<5). • The Varnishing

Same as mass products. • The Lamination

Same as mass products. • Spot UV

  • In the stage of pre-production samples, as the quantity is small, there will be an overprint position change problem. The tolerance will be +/-1mm. For mass production, this is reduced to +/-0.5mm.
  • Issues such as bubbling, bad adhesion, and peeling off may occur in pre-production samples, as the quantities are small and the spot UV fnishing is done manually. For mass production, these will be batch produced by machine, and such problems will be greatly reduced.
  • Large spot UV areas are done manually on pre-production samples, therefore unexpected “marks” may occur. For mass production, this issue will be greatly reduced as these are batch produced by machine. • Hot Stamping Issue

  • The hot stamping area will be misaligned. We can only control the tolerance within +/-1mm during the pre-production sample stage due to the small sample quantity. During the mass production stage, the tolerance will be within +/- 0.3mm.
  • The foil flm may not adhere to the surface correctly, making it easy to peel off. This problem will be very common in pre-production samples as they are hand-made in small quantities. This will be improved significantly when the machine is used for mass production.
  • Pre-production samples are hand-made due to the small quantities. This means the laborers touch the foil film area frequently, and can possibly lead to scratching. This will be improved significantly when the machine is used for mass production. • Paper Mounted Issue

  • The pre-production sample is made manually. This means it may be misaligned, the finishes on the corners are poor or the mounted paper is not adhered correctly and bubbling.
These problems are unavoidable during the pre-production sample stage, but will be improved significantly in future mass production. • Example of paper mounted issue  • Magnetic Force Issue

  • Pre-production samples may give the impression that the magnetic force is weak. The causes are:
1 • This is due to the short production time and the high humidity in the “cover”, resulting in the product’s lack of shape and the increased tension. This tension will counteract some of the magnet’s force, which will make the magnet feel weak. During mass production, the humidity inside the cover will be fully reduced and will not create a lot of tension.
2 • A model machine will be used for engraving of the pre-production samples, which will cause minor errors in the angle, accuracy and depth of slotting. These errors will affect the fit of the cover after folding and the magnetic force. In the future, we will use special slotting machines for debugging and mass production, which can control the accuracy of slotting, so as to avoid this issue.
  • Sticker for Magnet (magnet must not be exposed)
The sticker is there to prevent the magnet from falling off. For games aimed at children (those under the age of 14), magnets falling off may result in the failure of relevant safety testing.   
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