16. Plastic Card / Plastic Single Sheet | v.20221215 Plastic Card / Plastic Single Sheet The Material Issue
  • The material is the same as the mass products.
  • The material is not same as the mass products.
  • The digital sample will differ from mass production in terms of color, brightness, and transparency if the plastic card thickness is more than 0.3mm. (The factory will use the stocked/existing plastic cards for the digital sample, and is used to check the pictures, languages and shapes. The factory needs to mount cards together if the card thickness is more than 0.3mm, and the maximum of the single plastic card thickness is 0.3mm.)
  • There will be a slight difference in the material thickness and brightness between pre-production and mass production, as a different batch of materials will be used between these. • Color Difference Issue
  • Digital Sample
There will be a color discrepancy as the sample is manufactured using digital printing, while mass production will be completed using a real printing machine. The digital printed sample will be around 85-90% similar to the mass production version.
  • Offset Printed Sample
The offset printed sample can represent the printing quality of the mass products. However,
there may be a slight color difference among batches (CMYK colors ∆E<3.5). • The Varnishing Issue
  • Not Applicable
  • The sample surface cannot be protected by varnishing as it is pressed by the digital printer. The surface will inevitably get scratched, faded, and easily stained in the digital printing. It will, however, be avoided in mass production.
  • Due to the non-varnishing of the sample, the surface will not be smooth. This will not occur in mass production as a special Poker varnish will be applied to the cards.
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