19. Player Mat | v.20221215

2.4.2 Player Mat

  • Not applicable • The Material Issue

The material is the same as the mass products. • The Color Issue

  • The color of the pre-production sample is the same as the mass products.
  • There will be color differences between pre-production samples and mass products.
The pre-production sample is digitally printed, whereas the mass products are offset printed.
This will cause the color difference.
Varied printing methods will be applied for mass production, in accordance with the order quantity, the complexity of patterns, and color quality requirements. • The Size Issue

  • The acceptable size tolerance is ±5mm when its size is smaller than 500mm.
  • The acceptable size tolerance is ±10mm when its size is greater than 500mm.
The material itself will be stretched during manufacturing; while heating it will also cause slight shrinkage. Both will cause the size to differ from that estimated. • Round Edge

  • Pre-production samples will have square corners, while mass products will have, at minimum, R2 round Square corners will be naturally formed in the pre-production sample as manual cutting is usually applied. Die-punching will be used during mass production, and a natural round edge will be formed by the blade with a minimum R2 round corner as standard. Square corners cannot be made in this session. Please contact with the account manager if you have special requests for round corners.
  • The round corner is the same for the pre-production sample and the mass production product.
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