Risks and Advice for Storage Services of Assembled Customer Productions | v.20230103

LongPack will provide one month of storage once assembly is complete, in accordance with the terms and conditions of our quote sheet. If the product remains in our warehouse for longer than one month, there are risks to be noted as follows:
1. This applies to all printed paper materials (for most board games)
Due to the natural characteristic of the materials, under normal storage conditions, there is a potential risk of discoloration and yellowing after the product has been stored in our warehouse for over 6 months. The Discoloration and yellowing may deteriorate further over time. Furthermore, the fastness of the outer packaging of the product will be compromised after product being stored over 6 months due to humidity and climate change.
2. Before shipping, we may arrange a re-inspection of your products that have remained in our warehouse for over 6 months. This may lead to quantity shortages that will meet the shipment standards. 
3. We will have to reverify and repack the products which remain in our warehouse for over 12 months in order to meet the shipment standards. 
4. Glue mounted parts which have been stored for over 12 months may lead to such issues as glue aging, disfunctioning, degumming, delamination and so on, which will result in loss of the original function. 
5. When products have been stored for over 24 months, there may be a variety of unforeseen circumstances, such as loss of goods, shortages, etc. In addition, the quality risks of precipitation glue failure, paper coating discoloration and so on shall happen accordingly. In such circumstances, we will discontinue the storage service provision.
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