3.Quantity Change

3 Quantity change

3.A Quantity change after raw material purchased

3.A.1 Increase Quantity

Most items have Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements. If the increased quantity meets the MOQ, it will not be any issue. If the increased quantity is lower than the previous ordered quantity, it is possible that the unit cost of the increased quantity is higher than the ordered quantity. And longer delivery time should be considered.

3.A.2 Decrease Quantity

If the purchased material is standard, LongPack will use/sell it at market price plus a handling fee.
If the material is customized, it usually means it will be useless. The cost of this wasted material will need to be paid for.

3.B Quantity change after production started

3.B.1 Increase Quantity

Refer to 3.A.13.B.2 Decrease Quantity
This usually means the produced items will be wasted. The cost of the wasted need to be paid for.

3.C Quantity change after production finished, but before assembly

3.C.1 Increase Quantity

Refer to 3.A.1

3.C.2 Decrease Quantity

Refer to 3.B.2

3.D Quantity change after assembly, ready for shipping

3.D.1 Increase Quantity

Refer to 3.A.1

3.D.2 Decrease Quantity

Refer to 3.B.2

3.E Quantity change after shipped

3.E.1 Increase Quantity

We will consider this a new order.

3.E.2 Decrease Quanity

This is not possible. 

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