2.2 Quotation Stage

Major Factors Affecting Quotation: Design Patterns, Dimensions, Materials, Manufacturing Techniques, Features, Quantity, Packaging, and Shipping Requirements.

  1. Designers and creators are required to provide design drafts, preferably in the form of three-view drawings. The more detailed the provided drawings, the better it is for sample making. Confirmation of dimensions is necessary, including length, width, and height (if there is a physical prototype, providing the sample is recommended). The preferred format for design drafts is AI vector graphics.

  1. When engaging in communication regarding material and manufacturing process requirements, it is our practice to thoughtfully consider and incorporate any specific instructions provided in the quotation form or via attached images. In instances where explicit directives are not outlined, our experienced quotation personnel collaborates with production team to propose suitable materials for the sample-making process. The primary materials typically encompass fabric, internal filling material, and wash care labels/hang tags.

  1. To optimize the sample approval rate, we guide individuals by informing them about functional requirements.

  1. If assembly is required, we recommend either bagging singly and then bulk packaging into the box, or vacuum packing followed by bulk packaging into the box. For plush toys intended for direct export as components, we pack them separately in export cartons. It is essential to clearly communicate this requirement in the quotation parameters form to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
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