2.3 Bleed and Margin | v.20210625

“All files have 3mm bleed and at least 3mm margin” 

Bleed and margin issues are common problems found during prepress checks, but they are easy to avoid! All files should have 3mm of bleed, and at least 3mm of margin.


Bleed is a printing term that refers to the artwork that goes beyond the edge of the dieline (or trim line) for your components. Artwork and background colors should extend at least to the edge of the bleed line. Maintaining the recommended bleed will ensure that unprinted edges do not appear on your components.

All files require at least 3mm of bleed on each side; some components may require more. 



Margin is the area between the main content and the edge of a page. Most printed components have a trim tolerance of +/-1mm. Keeping your margin free of text or images means that your content won’t be unintentionally cut off and the final product won’t appear off-center. Please keep artwork and texts within the margin line.

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