5.1 Telescopic Box | v.20210625

A Telescopic Box is a box type used in most games. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and in tabletop games, the first impression starts with the box.

5.1.1 Ensure your components fit

The box should be at least 15mm larger, in each dimension, than the largest component to ensure these can be easily removed, and needs to be large enough to contain all of the components. A LongPack Project Manager can assist you to determine a perfect size for your box. 

E.g.: If your game box is 200mm x 250mm, the maximum size of any the components inside the box would be 185mm x 235mm. This size would apply to folded game boards, rules booklets or sheets, punchboards, cardboard mats, etc.


5.1.2 3mm bleed + 17mm wrap 

All box files (top and bottom) must have 20mm of bleed on each side. This includes 3mm of standard bleed, plus 17mm of wrap margin that goes around to the inside of the box to create a clean, smooth edge.


5.1.3 Box Markings


The country of origin is required for customs. LongPack’s factories are located in China. 

Recommended age range 

Add a recommended age range to your box. This will determine if your game is considered a toy. 

UPC/EAN 13 Barcode 

We strongly recommend you use a UPC/EAN13. Once your game hits the distribution chain, a UPC/EAN13 will make handling the game much easier for all parties involved. 

Importer name and address 

If the publisher country of origin is different from the destination country of the game, the importers address should be displayed. For Kickstarter projects, please consult with your fulfillment service provider. 

Publisher name and address 

This is mandatory 

Manufacturer name and address 

This is mandatory 

Production Batch Number 

The lot number is required to identify a production run in the unlikely event a product needs to be recalled. LongPack will automatically put a small lot number and LongPack icon next to the UPC/EN13. You can choose from 1 of the 4 options shown in the image on the left. (The lot number is the PINV No. on our Proforma Invoice. Please note there is no need for your input as LongPack will add this number) 

Note: Please inform your Project Manager if you have your own lot numbers.


5.1.4 Safety Markings

Limitations: The following relevant toy regulations (EN71, ASTMF963, etc.) referenced for safety markings may change as regulations are updated.

Completeness: Only regular labels are listed below. Not all labels are included. 

Authority: This is based only on the previous production experience of Longpack. 

As a publisher, you are obliged to consult with your test lab to secure accurate information in terms of effectiveness, completeness and authority.

A • European Union (EN-71)

A-1 • CE Marking 

The CE logo certifies that the content of the game matches the EN71 standards. This logo should appear in black or white and with a minimum height of 5mm. Its shape must not be altered in any way. 

A-2 • Warning marking of age under 3 years

EN-71 Warning - age range symbol must appear with a minimum height of 10mm. 

A-3 • Hazard 

The text must indicate what kind of hazard is present in the game. 

The manufacturer shall provide appropriate information about the hazard(s) through the examples mentioned below or through other sentences that achieve the same result. 


“Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts”

“Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Long cord. Strangulation hazard”

B • USA (ASTM F963) 

B-1 • Warning information


The warning type size differs in accordance with the size of the main display. 

B-2 • Information of Warning Mark of small parts

According to the American toy safety standard ASTM F963-17, parts that can fit in the container below are regarded as small parts, and warnings will need to be added. The definition of small parts and the age range for which warnings need to be added may change as the standard version is updated. Please consult your laboratory for details.

B-3 • Regular warning markings list as follows

Please contact your Project Manager in LongPack Games for more detailed information regarding warning symbols.


Checklist: box 

General Prepress Check 

√ Standardized file naming 

√ All files submitted as PDFs 

√ All files in CMYK color format 

√ Images at a resolution of 300ppi or above 

√ All files have 3mm bleed and at least 3mm margin 

√ Black text should be pure black C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100% 

√ Font embedded into PDF file 


Key checking points for boxes 

√ The box needs to be large enough to contain all of the components together 

√ 3mm bleed + 17mm wrap 

√ Box markings

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