5.7 Booklets and Paper Sheets | v.20210625

Booklets, or rulebooks, are usually saddle stitched (bound with staples). Paper Sheets are single sheets that can be folded according to your specifications. Paper pads are also available.

5.7.1 Bleed and Margin 

All rulebook and paper sheet files must have 3mm of bleed. 

For rulebooks, margin sizes vary depending on the number of pages:

5.7.2 Number of Pages

The total page count must be a multiple of four. (Rule sheets can be single or double sided.) 


5.7.3 File setup 

Submit these as multi-page PDFs with only one page of the booklet on each page of the PDF. Do not use two page spreads. The production team will layout the booklet for print with the correct page numbers. 

5.7.4 Binding Types 

Saddle stitch binding is by far the most common for boardgame rulebooks. Please contact your LongPack Project manager for templates for perfect, spiral, and casewrap bindings.


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