5.8 Cards | v.20210625

Cards are often an integral part of tabletop games. LongPack offers a wide variety of standard card sizes to suit your game’s unique needs.

5.8.1 • Bleed and margin 

All cards must have 3mm of bleed and 3mm of margin. Please extend the background artwork to or past the bleed line, and keep pertinent artwork and all texts within the margin line.

5.8.2 • File format 

When submitting cards, upload the file as a multi-page PDF with the card back as the last page. If you have multiple card backs, upload a file for the card fronts, and a second file for the card backs. 

Example: Deck A has 108 cards with a single back. The PDF for Deck A will be 109 pages in length, with the 109th page being the card back for the preceding 108 cards. 

Example: Deck B has 108 cards with multiple backs. There will be two PDFs for Deck B, one with the card fronts, and a second file with the card backs. Please be descriptive in naming your file. 

5.8.3 • Border black 

For a deep, consistent black border, consider using a color formula of (C:40% M:0% Y:0% K:100%), so that it will be easier to color match between print runs and expansions 

5.8.4 • Spot color border 

If your border is a solid color, please use a PMS color (Pantone Matching System), so that it will be easier to color match between print runs and expansions. Using spot color will minimize the color variance. 

You should avoid using such highly pigmented colors for card backs and borders such as grey, brown, purples etc., as it is hard to achieve consistency in printing. If those colors are necessary, please design these with white borders (See Fig above) as well as using a PMS color.

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