2.1 Rules of File Naming | v.20210625

Please ensure file naming follows the rules below, which will enable our Artists to find the correct file correctly and promptly. For all updates and revisions, please amend the file name with the appropriate version number and delete the old versions. This is to ensure that we are always using the updated files.

File Naming Rules

(Project Name (Ext Name))_ (COMP name) _ (Side) _ (Language) _ (Version)
ID Project Name EXT name Component Type Side Language Version
1 ACE Retail (core) Game box Front EN (none)
2 Deluxe Game board Back FR V2
3 Extension Punchboard Top SP V3
4 Playing cards Bottom Common ...
5 Rule book Common ...
6 ... ... ... ... ... ...

Supposed Project Name "ACE".

Example (Cont.)

Project named "ACE" with specs as follows:

ID Item QTY. Size(mm)
1 Game Box 1 265x265x60
2 Game board 1 510x510
3 Punchboard 3 255x255
4 Playing cards 54 63x88
5 Rulebook 1 255x255


Basic file naming for the project “ACE” 


• ACE_Box_Bottom.pdf 

• ACE_Gameboard_Front.pdf 

• ACE_Gameboard_Back.pdf (if needed) 

• ACE_Punchboard_Front.pdf 

• ACE_Punchboard_Back.pdf 

• ACE_Playingcards_Front.pdf 

• ACE_Playingcards_Back.pdf 

• ACE_Rulebook.pdf


Language Dependent Files 

• ACE_Box_Top_EN.pdf 

• ACE_Box_Top_SP.pdf 

Language Independent Files: 

• ACE_Gameboard_Front_Common.pdf


Updating Files ( with Language Dependent ): 

Updated Revised File: ACE_Box_Top_EN_v2.pdf 

Delete Original File: ACE_Box_Top_EN.pdf


In case the project includes different extension names such as Core, Deluxe, Extension etc, pls add them in file naming. 

• ACE CORE _Box_Top.pdf 

• ACE CORE _Box_Bottom.pdf 

• ACE DELUXE _Box_Top.pdf 

• ACE DELUXE _Gameboard_Back.pdf (if needed)

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