2. The BASIC SEVEN for Printing Artwork Files | v.20210625

Want to make the process faster?

Aside from following all the great tips in this guide, you can check your files before providing them to LongPack. Available on our website is the LongPack Preflight Profile for PDF files. After downloading this profile, you can use this to check your print files for some of the most common issues that need to be corrected, including:

  • Low resolution images
  • RGB images
  • Spot color inks
  • Font embedding

Make sure your Artist is familiar with the technical specifications in this guideline. This will prevent major quality issues from happening later in your process. 

Make sure the correctness of the content in your design files. LongPack only verifies whether or not the files are fit for producing, while the content correctness will not be checked in our process.

General Prepress Check

On the following pages is all the information necessary to ensure that your documents can be better processed by LongPack. Following these standards, the less time it will take to check and complete your order. Non-standard print files may lead to delivery delays, extra time, effort and additional costs. We strongly urge those unfamiliar with LongPack’s standards to read this guide in its entirety. There are seven basic requirements for all files submitted to LongPack for printing.
  1. Standardized file naming
  2. All files submitted as PDFs
  3. All files have 3mm bleed and at least 3mm margin
  4. Images at a resolution of 300ppi or above
  5. All files in CMYK color format
  6. Black text should be pure black C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%
  7. Font embedded into PDF file
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