5.2 Tuck Box and Foil Packs | v.20210625

If your game consists of only cards, or if you need a smaller box within the main gamebox to hold pieces or components, the best container may be a lighter, onepiece tuck box.

5.2.1 Bleed and margin 

All tuck box files must have 3mm of bleed and 3mm of margin (safety line).


5.2.2 Box markings 

Please refer to 5.1.3


5.2.3 Safety markings

Please refer to 5.1.4


Checklist: Tuck box 

General Prepress Check 

√ Standardized file naming 

√ All files submitted as PDFs

√ All files in CMYK color format

√ Images at a resolution of 300ppi or above 

√ All files have 3mm bleed and at least 3mm margin 

√ Black text should be pure black C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100% 

√ Font embedded into PDF file 


Key checking points for boxes

√ Can components be fit into the tuck box? 

√ Box markings 

√ Safety markings

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